Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Stills (29)

1   My Boys, on the Wharf by Silo Park in Auckland (before this)
2   This Cheery lady is Doris, she lives in her own enclosure at Auckland Zoo - apparently she doesn't play nice with the other Alligators.
3   This simple yet delicious dinner, Mescalin lettuce, feta, beetroot and carrot with a chopped up Lamb and Rosemary Sausage.. yummo
4   Me and my 3, they are crazy full on and I wouldn't have it any other way.,

3 of the 4 photos are from my Instagram - you can follow me on there, if your profiles public I follow back - I tend not to request private users.

I'm linking up with Em, over at The Beetleshack.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Jacob - Just getting over the Chicken Pox, first outing in over a week - you were delighted.(i think I detect slight duckf ace in this image hahaha)
Emily - So full of enthusiasm - always,  You desperately want a trip to the Hairdresser, we will see little one, we will see, 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Swoonworthy - Pumpkin Patch SS14 Kids Style

All this nasty weather we have been having this past week has left me dreaming of a warmer climate.  I have had 3 weeks of atleast one child suffering from the dreaded Chicken Pox, one is almost over it and another has just developed spots - not the way I wanted to spend the school holidays.

So when I was sent a peek of the new Spring/Summer styles I couldn't help but want to share the gorgeous vibrant colors Pumpkin Patch have in store for us.

Although the boys still let me choose their clothes, William has specific colors and styles he prefers, he lives in track pants but they have to be cuffed at the ankle, and he loves 'army colors and orange.  Emily can never resist a beautiful dress and Silver shoes BUT I prefer to shop for her alone to minimize disagreements over what she will wear. (who am I kidding I prefer to always shop with out kids)

I couldn't resist putting together a few of my favorites.






 Where do you shop for your kids?

Short Sleeve Tee with Printed Stripes
Molten Lava

Elastic Hem Drawcord Chino

Boys Fundamental Lace Shoe
Ensing Blue

Plaited Neck Chiffon Dress
Mars Red
Girls Flower Cut Ballerinas

Girls Pattern Weave Fedora
Rib Waist & Cuffs Regular Joggers
Boy First Walker Boat Shoe
Molten Lava
Sailor Stripe Short Sleeve Tee

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Last year I religiously posted new portraits every week, this year I have taken a more relaxed take on  it.  I miss a few weeks here and there but don't feel a need to scurry to catch up and I'm okay with that.

Jacob - My grubby wee boy, a budding foodie.
Emily - A sensitive soul with a desire to win, always.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Calling it a Day.

my beautiful Jacob at 10days old

Its almost official, as of 2 weeks from now the Mr is having a permanent procedure to ensure that my overly fertile ovaries are never fertilized again.

I'm a little sad - but mostly excited about closing that door of my life, and focus on raising our 3 healthy mostly well adjusted kids and not worrying about what could be. 

I'm young but the reality is I don't do pregnancy well at all, I hate it and ya know the last baby I had resulted in more the a few very scary moments (early induction, blacking out during labor due to extremely high blood pressure, postpartum hemorrhage resulting in surgery and almost hysterectomy).  So yeah I'm 28 but I have 3 amazing kids and I'd rather quit while I'm ahead then risk not being there to see them flourish.

A few times when the conversation comes up and I tell people I don't want more children, they look at me like I hate children -- in particular my own. Totally not the case, I think its smart parenting knowing our limitations physically, emotionally, financially.  But hey I will gladly love on your baby - and hand the child back after.

 Kids are great, I'm just realistic about my situation.

SO tell me, Did you KNOW when you were done or did you just wing it?? (what will be will be??)


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